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Products / Wire Fence Machine TLC 200 S

 Machine Type (TLC-200 S )
Knitting Width 0.2…2.0 Meter
Wiire diameter 1.8…3.2mm
Eye intervals 40.85 mm
Contral System      PLC
Total Power 5.5 KW
Machine Weight 1800 Kg
Size U3.4xG.3xY1.4 Mt
Capacity/hour 210m2 (50X50 eye)
Wire strength 450..500 Nw/mm2
Number of molds 3 pieces
When the knitting of the measurements the length and wide which have been written on the touch screen finishes the machine will stop off working and gives a warning audio .
In the case of wires tangle there are three stop systems .
The required speed can be controlled via the electronic control button installed on the machine.
To control or adjust the calibers of the machine automatic.
Semi-automatic options are available .
Two additional parts can be installed on both sides of the machine to fold the sides of the wires spirally .
The min. of the knitting width is 20 cm .
This system minimizes errors that may occur while knitting.